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At East Boston Dental and Orthodontics, we are proud to offer our patients the best possible dental care with Invisalign, teeth whitening, orthodontics, sleep apnea treatment, cosmetic dentistry, and braces. We are dedicated to providing our patients with the highest quality of care, service, and best possible outcomes.

Orthodontist Boston: Our orthodontic specialist specializes in helping people smile again through innovative, customized orthodontic treatment Medford. We offer a variety of solutions to correct the alignment of your teeth and jaw, including traditional metal braces, clear teeth aligners (Invisalign), and lingual braces.

Braces Boston: Teeth Braces are dental appliances that are used to align or straighten crowded, crooked, or out-of-place teeth. Braces gradually straighten and align your teeth so that you maintain a normal bite as you wear them. Teeth braces Medford are used to enhance your smile.

Invisalign Boston: We are the best orthodontist in Medford at providing Invisalign treatment Medford, which helps people have a straight smile without any surgery or pain. Invisalign Medford is a type of clear aligner that gradually moves your teeth into the desired position and gives you a better, straighter smile. Invisalign is easy to keep as you can remove and wear them again as per your dentist’s instructions.

Cosmetic dentistry in Boston is a branch of dentistry that focuses on improving and modifying the appearance of teeth and their surrounding structures. It is an integral part of modern practices, as it focuses on enhancing the quality of life of a person and boosting their confidence to the next level. Get consultation booked with the best Cosmetic Dentist Medford.

Teeth whitening Boston: The process of lightening teeth to their bright or natural color is known as teeth whitening. There are many methods available today for teeth whitening to make a bright smile possible for you through our wide range of services like cosmetic Zoom teeth whitening, teeth bleaching, and teeth whitening in Medford.

Sleep Apnea Treatment Boston: Do you frequently wake up in the middle of the night with a sore jaw? Do you have bruxism, or the grinding of the teeth while you try to fall asleep? If so, many people deal with this condition frequently, and it can have a negative impact on your health. With our sleep apnea treatment in Medford, we can assist you in getting rid of this issue. Within a few weeks, this disease can be relieved thanks to our team of professionals and cutting-edge technology!

We are a team of the best dentists in Medford, Boston with years of experience and expertise in providing the best dental services like braces, Invisalign, teeth whitening, root canal treatment, dental implants, sleep apnea, and many more to our patients. From the initial consultation to the treatment of each individual tooth, we take an extra step to ensure that you get true value for your money.

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