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Our goal at East Boston Dental & Orthodontics is to always keep your smile in good health. While we strive to repair infected or damaged teeth, there are some circumstances when these teeth would do more harm than good. In these cases, Dr. Bansal, Dr. Chawla, and Dr. Jun may recommend the removal of the tooth. This is called a tooth extraction. We will only suggest a tooth extraction in East Boston, Massachusetts if it is absolutely necessary.

When a tooth is severely decayed or irreparably damaged, it must be extracted. This procedure is called an extraction and usually leads to a restoration such as a bridge, denture or implant. To prepare, you will receive anesthetic to completely numb the area. The damaged tooth will then be removed. Once the tooth is removed, artificial bone may be placed in the socket to maintain the ridge. Then, the area will be stitched to seal the gums. You will be given instruction on how to care for your mouth in order to speed the healing process. After the tooth has been extracted, it is important to replace the tooth as soon as possible to avoid complications. If you delay for treatment, the surrounding area will begin to suffer bone loss as the bone is no longer functioning as an anchor for the tooth. In addition, when all of the teeth are present in the mouth, each tooth serves to keep the adjacent teeth in place. When a tooth is missing, the surrounding teeth will move toward it in an attempt to fill the gap. Food is more easily caught between displaced teeth, making your teeth more susceptible to decay and periodontal disease. In decoding between a bridge, denture or implant, it is important to understand which restoration will best suit your needs and to have the tooth replaced as soon as possible.


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