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If you are missing one or more teeth from your smile, dental implants may be suggested by our skilled dentists, Dr. Bansal, Dr. Chawla and Dr. Jun, to restore your smile. Dental implants are a surgical treatment and are available from start to finish at Salem Family Dental Care. When compared to other forms of tooth replacement, dental implants are considered exceptionally strong and stable, designed to replace the entirety of your tooth from the tooth root to the crown.

To place dental implants, a small titanium post is first surgically placed into your jawbone. This post acts as your new tooth root. A period of healing follows as the post fuses to the bone. In order to hold your new tooth, which is normally a crown, bridge, or denture, into place, we will place an attachment called an abutment on the titanium post after it has healed. When everything has been checked for quality and fit, your final dental restoration will be cemented in place.

Dental implants look, feel, and function just like natural, healthy teeth. With dental implants, no one needs to know you ever lost a tooth. If you are interested in discovering all of the ways that dental implants in Salem, Massachusetts can benefit your smile, we invite you to call and schedule your consultation with Dr. Bansal and Dr. Jun today. We are eager to help restore the brilliance and health of your smile!

Having loose dentures can be embarrassing and uncomfortable. An implant – supported denture is a denture is a denture that is stabilized by dental implants. An implant is an artificial tooth root made of titanium that fuses to the bone enabling it to hold a denture in place. When you have missing teeth, you may experience bone loss which can eventually change the shape of your face and expose certain nerves in the jaw. With implant – supported dentures, the rate of bone loss is reduced as the implants stimulate the bone. There are two main categories of implant – supported dentures – removable dentures and fixed dentures. Removable dentures can be taken out as needed for cleaning and are available in several different styles: Bar – retained dentures make use of a metal bar that is attached to several implants. The denture then clips securely onto the bar. With ball – retained dentures, each implant has a metal ball – shaped abutment which sits above the gums. Round sockets in the bottom of the denture are made to snap onto the balls. Dentures with locator – attachments have metal abutments that snap onto nylon cups on the bottom of the denture that vary in color depending upon the tightness of fit. The second category is fixed implant – supported dentures. These are sometimes referred to as screw – fixed dentures because they are attached to implants with tiny screws. Screw – fixed dentures are only removable by a dentist. No matter which style is selected to best suit your need, there are many benefits of securing a denture with implants.


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