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Cavities and decay on your tooth enamel are among the most common problems our patients experience. Luckily, when cavities are caught early enough, they are fairly easy to treat with dental fillings. In fact, it only takes one visit to our office to place dental fillings. We are pleased to offer white dental fillings in Salem, Massachusetts. White fillings are an advanced type of dental filling made of plastic and free of mercury. There are many advantages to white fillings. They can be matched to the exact color of your tooth’s surface, allowing you to maintain a beautiful aesthetic. White fillings are also exceptionally strong and bond naturally with your original tooth structure.

To place a white filling, all decay is removed and the tooth is thoroughly sanitized. Then, the composite resin plastic is applied and sculpted in layers. Once the white filling fits your natural smile and bite, we will harden it with a special light and polish it for a natural shine. Dr. Bansal, Dr. Chawla, and Dr. Jun, our knowledgeable dentists, offer white fillings at Salem Family Dental Care to restore the integrity and strength of a damaged tooth and prevent further decay from occurring. If you are experiencing tooth pain, a white filling may be right for you. Contact our dental office today to learn more!


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